It’s that time of year when paved roads have so many potholes you might as well be off-roading! Get a smoother ride with a steering and suspension upgrade. 

Not only is it no fun to go bumping down the highway, clunking in potholes and getting tossed around in your vehicle — it’s not safe! Your steering and suspension don’t just make your ride smoother, they make it safer. 

You may need a steering & suspension upgrade if: 

  • Your vehicle continues to bounce after going over uneven terrain
  • It’s difficult to turn your wheels
  • You notice uneven tire wear and tear 
  • It’s noisy when driving

As you can imagine, if something’s off with your vehicle’s steering mechanism, it could spell disaster for you and your passengers. When you come into Cape Auto for service, we offer a FREE safety inspection to make sure your car is safe for everyone you love. 

And from now until April 31, 2021, you get a $50 Visa Prepaid Card back with a qualifying NAPA steering & suspension purchase of $250 or more. What are you waiting for? Download your coupon and schedule service today!