You don’t want to take a fall foliage road trip and breathe in dirty air….

We’ve all been there: gone in for a cheap oil change, only to have the technician say you need a new filter. For fear of looking foolish you give him the ok to switch it out, and then you never think of it again. 

But did you know your vehicle actually has three filters? 

  1. Engine — This filter keeps dirt, dust and debris from getting into the engine. As you can imagine, it’s pretty important for keeping your engine running smoothly.. 
  2. Cabin — Hate breathing in dust, pollen and other allergens? The cabin filter keeps the air inside the car clean, so you and your family can breathe easy. 
  3. Oil — If dirt and debris get into the fuel lines, it’s bound to harm your fuel economy, and even your engine. Oil filters keep the bad stuff out. 

Where do you find the filters? It’s different on every vehicle, but you can check your car manual (or YouTube) to locate the filters. Even better, just ask your Cape Auto Technician next time you’re in for an oil change! 

How often should I replace the filters? This depends on many factors, like how often you drive and what conditions you drive in, but a good rule is to check all filters at least annually. Is it clogged and dirty? Time for a new one. 

Good news for you! For a limited time, when you replace all THREE at Cape Auto with qualifying NAPA filters you will receive a $20 Prepaid Visa Card! What are you waiting for? Download your coupon and schedule service today!