Did you know there’s a minimum tire tread allowed in Massachusetts in order to pass inspection? It’s 2/32nds of an inch! While that might be an odd measurement, it’s about ⅓ of an inch and at that point, your tire is nearly “bald.” 

Brand new tires (that aren’t for snow or tough terrain) are usually 10/32nds, so when you are all the way down to 2/32nds, wet or icy weather conditions pose a huge threat to your safety.

How Do I Know If My Tires Are Bald? 

You could always go purchase a tire gauge, but if you have a penny laying around, that’ll work too!

Simple turn the penny upside down so that Lincoln is doing a headstand in your tire treads. If you can see the top of his head, your tires are bald and it’s time to hurry over to Cape Auto to get a new set. But, if you don’t like wearing your tires down to the nub, you could also regularly check your tread with a quarter. If the rubber goes right up to the top of Washington’s hair, you have about 4/32nds left, and that means it’s a good time to start shopping for a deal on tires.

Who Cares If My Tires Are Balding? 

Think about this: If you slam on your brakes going 70 mph on a wet road with brand new tires, you won’t come to a complete stop for another 195 ft. (or the length of 5 school buses!).

Now, if your tire treads are at 4/32nds, you’ll slide almost another 100 ft. before coming to a halt.

And if your tires are bald (2/32nds), you won’t stop for almost 380 ft. (9.5 buses)! That’s almost twice as far as the brand new tires.

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So What Should I Do? 

If your tires’ treads have worn down, come into Cape Auto today! You’ll get $50 off INSTANTLY with the purchase of four new Continental, General or Hercules tires with alignment. No rebates. No waiting! 

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