Braking News, the BEST Local Brake Repair option IS Cape Auto!

Thinking your brakes may need work? Cape Auto in Plymouth, MA is your Brake Repair Shop!

We are a family business that prioritizes giving back to our community. Why go to the big chain stores or new car dealers for brake repair, when you could get quality customer service and a better warranty while supporting a small local business?

We have a dedicated team of ASE Certified Technicians who will treat both you and your vehicle with professionalism and respect. And since 1952 we have given back to your community to help make the Plymouth area better for all! 

Not sure if you need new brakes? 

Here are some signs your vehicle might need a brake…

  • Screeching — A high-pitched screeching sound when stopping is your car’s way of saying your brake pads need to be replaced
  • Grinding — A crunchy metal-on-metal grinding noise indicates that your brake pads are likely beyond repair, and you may need to rotate your rotors or replace them entirely. 
  • Leaking — Do you see a small puddle of something pooled under your car? This could be brake fluid. Without brake fluid, your brakes will not work, so take that leak seriously. 
  • Pulsating — If you hit the brake and your entire car pulsates — or feels like someone’s taken a jackhammer to your tires — this could be a sign of warped rotors that need to be replaced, among other concerning issues. 
  • Dashboard Warning Lights — These lights are installed for a reason: To warn you if something’s wrong with your brakes. With the brake light, not only will your vehicle fail MA State Vehicle Inspection, but this could be a sign of a fluid leak. 
  • It’s Been Awhile — You should consider getting your brakes and brake pads examined if it’s been a long time since you’ve done so (or if you never have!). Brakes need to be replaced at different times depending on a number of factors — age of vehicle, how you drive, where you drive, etc. — and if you know you’re hard on your vehicle, it’s best to go in right away. If your brake pads are worn to under ¼ inch wide, they should be replaced.

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