How much time do you & your family spend in your vehicle? Have you ever thought about what your kids are breathing in during all those trips to the games of the season? Or even those quick runs to the store for milk?

Unless you’re obsessed about car maintenance, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about your cabin or engine air filters.

So, What About Them?

The cabin air filter is a friend of our airways. It catches dust, mold, pollen and other irritants and keeps the air inside your car pleasant to breathe. The filter also help the AC work more efficiently, to keep the motor from burning out (which is crucial in the summer heat).

That means your children — and you — breath in safer, cleaner (and cooler) air. Especially during allergy season, it’s important to have a new cabin filter contributing to higher quality air.

Likewise, your engine needs clean air in order to burn fuels like gasoline and diesel. If your engine doesn’t have enough debris-free oxygen, it has to work harder to function and will wear out more quickly — meaning you’ll be headed towards increased maintenance costs.

So how often do you need to change your filters? Best bet: Check your car’s manual. It’ll tell you what the manufacturer recommends. If you lost yours, look it up online!

But remember: Where and how you drive can dramatically influence how often the filters need to be changed (Live on dusty back roads? Near a construction site?). So check your filter every 6,000 miles (about every other oil change), and see if needs a little TLC.

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