“Before You Buy”


Used Car Safety Check



Have Cape Auto Pre-Inspect any used vehicle BEFORE YOU BUY!

You’ve test driven the used car and are preparing to make an offer. You like the color too. It can give you peace of mind to know you have another set of knowledgeable eyes available to look over your potential used vehicle purchase. Cape Auto offers Pre-Inspections, why not take advantage of this service before you buy? For an hour’s time, it may be the best investment you make!

Do not trust any seller who will not let your repair shop check it out. Never buy any used car without having a trusted repair service do a Pre-Inspection. Cape Auto will do a thorough Safety Inspection for one hour’s labor cost. Remember, we are a licensed MA Inspection station. Your used car must pass Emission & Safety – why take chances?

Have us inspect your car before you buy!

Additionally, like anything else you own, a properly maintained vehicle is worth more. Proof of service history, as well as proper documentation of all your vehicles “extras” can result in more value to you in either a trade-in or accident scenario.