No one enjoys getting new tires. Let’s be honest: When you get a flat or can tell your vehicle is handling poorly in inclement weather, all you can see are dollars signs. That summer vacation coming up might have to wait if you need to shell out $$$ for quality tires. That’s when you’re tempted […]

With winter approaching fast, now is the time to create a service approach to get through the next 5 months of unfavorable weather. Let’s take a look at 10 important service areas to check before this upcoming winter. Battery and Connections – With the cold weather we always deal with in the northeast, it is […]

Wheels make the world go ‘round… AND your vehicle ride smoothly. We have invested in new Hunter equipment to make YOUR ride even better! We can now detect and correct flaws in your tires and wheels more accurately and even faster. Our new Hunter Revolution Tire Changer allows us to handle even the most expensive […]