When you think about your vehicle’s tires, you may focus on the warranty, the tread wear, and of course — how they look. But have you thought about the importance of alignment? If you hit a pothole, roll up on a curb or just drive a lot on bumpy roads, there’s a change your vehicle […]

  How long has it been since you got your tires changed? Are they aligned? Do you have snow tires to keep you safe in the New England winter? Do you need them? Here are some tire tips: Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Too much or too little pressure can hurt your vehicle. […]

Wheels make the world go ‘round… AND your vehicle ride smoothly. We have invested in new Hunter equipment to make YOUR ride even better! We can now detect and correct flaws in your tires and wheels more accurately and even faster. Our new Hunter Revolution Tire Changer allows us to handle even the most expensive […]