*Screeeeeccch* That’s never a sound you want to hear coming from your vehicle. There are lots of things that could go wrong with your car to compromise your safety, but failing brakes are among the most dangerous. We typically notice our brakes when we need them most: Stopping suddenly because a deer ran out in […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cape Auto Collision Center has been officially Certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization for maintaining the right tools, equipment, training, and facility necessary to repair the participating Automaker brand vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In achieving their Certification, Cape Auto Collision Center is now an integral part of […]

Did you know that 64% of traffic accidents– or 1.6 million — in the United States have a cell phone involved? Yes. One out of every four accidents in the US are caused by texting and driving. Eleven teenagers die — per day — because they were texting behind the wheel. Clearly, distracted driving is […]

Penny the Lobster usually lives down at the Cape Auto Service Center, basking in the sun at 53 Samoset St. in Plymouth. But, she is spending the winter warming her tail inside at the Cape Auto Collision Center at 115 Sandwich Street. She has made tons of friends at both locations of the business since […]