You are driving along and noticed the tire TPMS warning light (known officially as the “Tire Pressure Monitoring System”) comes on. At first you assume you lost some pressure on the road, until you came to a stop and noticed your tire is flat. Somewhere out there you had run over a patch of nails […]

What they do If you own a car, you’ve probably heard about your shocks and struts before. But what do they do? Unsurprisingly, you probably assume that shock absorbers absorb shock. Guess what? It’s a lie. Shocks (or shock absorbers) and struts actually help control the spring that absorbs the shock: They’re what keep your […]

No, we aren’t talking about your hairline — we’re discussing your tire tread. Did you know there’s such a thing as “bald” tires? Yep! That’s when your tire tread is 2/32nds of an inch deep. 32nds? Yes, it’s a strange measurement, but it equals about 1/3 inch, and that’s how tire treads are conventionally measured. […]