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Summertime means BBQs and beaches, but it also means rising temperatures and cranked up car air conditioners. Did you know that can cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat? If your temperature gauge starts climbing, don’t panic! Instead, take these steps to cool your car off: Turn off the AC: We know, it’s no fun! Especially […]

Cape Auto Plymouth MA Car Service Car Repair Alternator Starter

At Cape Auto, we are celebrating the summer with a special deal from now through August 31: Get a $15 – $25 Prepaid Visa Card with a qualifying purchase of a NAPA battery, alternator or starter. Your vehicle’s packed with sunscreen, beach balls and towels, but is it ready to make the drive? Of course […]

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You might know that part of good car maintenance includes changing your tires, but do you actually know when it’s time to get new ones? Right now Cape Auto is offering a $70 rebate card with the purchase of four qualifying Michelin Tires. So why not check your tires? Here are three ways to figure […]

Cape Auto Plymouth MA Offers AAA Membership Discounts

Are you just visiting Plymouth for vacation? Do you need some unexpected car maintenance after a crazy road trip? Or are you local with AAA membership? Cape Auto accepts AAA discounts, meaning you can stop in to Cape Auto today, enjoy premium service, and get back on the road and enjoying your vacation for just a […]

4 Wheel Tire Alignment with Hunter Road Force Touch Balancing Equipment at Cape Auto Plymouth MA

When you think about your vehicle’s tires, you may focus on the warranty, the tread wear, and of course — how they look. But have you thought about the importance of alignment? If you hit a pothole, roll up on a curb or just drive a lot on bumpy roads, there’s a change your vehicle […]

Are Cheap Tires Costing Me More? Cape Auto Plymouth MA

No one enjoys getting new tires. Let’s be honest: When you get a flat or can tell your vehicle is handling poorly in inclement weather, all you can see are dollars signs. That summer vacation coming up might have to wait if you need to shell out $$$ for quality tires. That’s when you’re tempted […]

Break Job at Cape Auto Plymouth MA $20 Off Coupon

Penny the Lobster was enjoying a weekend drive around New England, when her brakes started grinding — It dawned on her that she’d waited too long to get her brake pads replaced and might have hurt her rotors. Concerned about her safety (and that of her precious convertible), she zoomed on over to Cape Auto […]

Air Conditioning Recharge at Cape Auto in Plymouth MA

Summer-time is upcoming, and with that — the heat. Is your vehicle’s air-conditioning system working properly? Are you still feeling warm even with the knob turned to full-blast? You might need to recharge your air conditioner because it loses charge annually. Most car manuals recommend recharging every two years. So if you’ve never done it […]