Are Cheap Tires Costing Me More? Cape Auto Plymouth MA

No one enjoys getting new tires. Let’s be honest: When you get a flat or can tell your vehicle is handling poorly in inclement weather, all you can see are dollars signs. That summer vacation coming up might have to wait if you need to shell out $$$ for quality tires. That’s when you’re tempted […]

Break Job at Cape Auto Plymouth MA $20 Off Coupon

Penny the Lobster was enjoying a weekend drive around New England, when her brakes started grinding — It dawned on her that she’d waited too long to get her brake pads replaced and might have hurt her rotors. Concerned about her safety (and that of her precious convertible), she zoomed on over to Cape Auto […]

Air Conditioning Recharge at Cape Auto in Plymouth MA

Summer-time is upcoming, and with that — the heat. Is your vehicle’s air-conditioning system working properly? Are you still feeling warm even with the knob turned to full-blast? You might need to recharge your air conditioner because it loses charge annually. Most car manuals recommend recharging every two years. So if you’ve never done it […]

Distracted Driving 2

With handheld technology on the rise, the number of accidents related to distracted driving has also skyrocketed in recent years. The Boston Globe recently reported that TrueMotion, a Boston company whose app tracks how much drivers use their phones, discovered some shocking data: Drivers spent 20 percent of every trip was spent on the phone in […]


Unless you’re obsessed about car maintenance, you probably don’t think about your engine or cabin air filters very often. Sure, like most car owners, you know you need regular oil changes, but you might be taken aback when the technician recommends a new engine filter — and even more so at the thought of a […]

Wash your car in Winter Cape Auto

Cape Auto’s Lobster “Penny” is enjoying winter in Plymouth inside the Cape Auto Collision Center where she’s warm and dry. Your car? Not so lucky. With winter skies dumping snow all over New England, your vehicle is probably coated in a nice grimy layer of salt and dirt — just like Penny’s convertible was. Going […]

Cape Auto Collision Center, Plymouth MA

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cape Auto Collision Center has been officially Certified by Assured Performance, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization for maintaining the right tools, equipment, training, and facility necessary to repair the participating Automaker brand vehicles according to the manufacturer’s specifications. In achieving their Certification, Cape Auto Collision Center is now an integral part of […]

Cape Auto $50 off of 4 tires

Are Your Tires Safe? What You Need To Know: How long has it been since you got your tires changed? Are they aligned? Do you have snow tires to keep you safe in the New England winter? Do you need them? Here are some tire tips: Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Too much […]


Did you know that 64% of traffic accidents– or 1.6 million — in the United States have a cell phone involved? Yes. One out of every four accidents in the US are caused by texting and driving. Eleven teenagers die — per day — because they were texting behind the wheel. Clearly, distracted driving is […]