Dave and Kevin were featured in an article in the January issue of the national publication, BodyShop Business. Check it out! The two principals of Cape Auto shared their experiences regarding working with their local legislators to make sure the auto body industry is properly treated by the government and new legislation. “[Legislators] are looking […]

Have you taken a peek under your car’s hood recently to check on the state of your battery? Even if it looks OK, how do you know if it is properly charged? Did you know that a fully-charged battery can handle temperatures of -76 degrees, but a weak battery will freeze up at only 32 […]

Wiper blades are an essential part of car safety, especially during the rainy, snowy months ahead in New England. If your wipers don’t properly push water and snow out of your line of sight, it can hugely compromise your driving abilities. It’s already hard enough driving in inclement weather, so there’s no reason to do […]

No, we aren’t talking about your hairline — we’re discussing your tire tread. Did you know there’s such a thing as “bald” tires? Yep! That’s when your tire tread is 2/32nds of an inch deep. 32nds? Yes, it’s a strange measurement, but it equals about 1/3 inch, and that’s how tire treads are conventionally measured. […]

Summertime means BBQs and beaches, but it also means rising temperatures and cranked up car air conditioners. Did you know that can cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat? If your temperature gauge starts climbing, don’t panic! Instead, take these steps to cool your car off: Turn off the AC: We know, it’s no fun! Especially […]

At Cape Auto, we are celebrating the summer with a special deal from now through August 31: Get a $15 – $25 Prepaid Visa Card with a qualifying purchase of a NAPA battery, alternator or starter. Your vehicle’s packed with sunscreen, beach balls and towels, but is it ready to make the drive? Of course […]

You might know that part of good car maintenance includes changing your tires, but do you actually know when it’s time to get new ones? Right now Cape Auto is offering a $70 rebate card with the purchase of four qualifying Michelin Tires. So why not check your tires? Here are three ways to figure […]