Battery 2Have you taken a peek under your car’s hood recently to check on the state of your battery? Even if it looks OK, how do you know if it is properly charged?

Did you know that a fully-charged battery can handle temperatures of -76 degrees, but a weak battery will freeze up at only 32 degrees? Cold temperatures can quickly drain your batteries capacity: AAA reports that your vehicle’s battery loses 60% of its strength at 0°F and 35% at 32 degrees. That means your battery needs to work harder to start, and sometimes — quits.

Cold weather kills batteries quickly!

Even in the best of conditions, a battery only last 4-5 years, and because of all the extra technology in newer cars, it’s not uncommon for 3-year-old batteries to bite the dust.

Preventing Dead Batteries

First things first, if it’s been at least three years since you’ve replaced your car battery, it’s time to get it checked out at Cape Auto — before you end up stuck on the side of the highway in the next big winter storm.

But there are other warning signs: Do you hear odd sounds when turning the key? Does it take longer for your car to start? Do your headlights get dim when the truck is idling?

Your battery has to work a lot harder in cold temperatures than it does in temperate conditions. That strain might be too much for an already weakened battery — and that’s when you get the dreaded “My car won’t start” senario.

Don’t wait for your battery light to come on — or to get stranded. Stop by Cape Auto and get yours tested today. Cape Auto is offering free battery inspections during January and February — It’s FREE, so what’s holding you back?

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