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Wiper blades are an essential part of car safety, especially during the rainy, snowy months ahead in New England.

If your wipers don’t properly push water and snow out of your line of sight, it can hugely compromise your driving abilities. It’s already hard enough driving in inclement weather, so there’s no reason to do so with impaired visibility. You might as well take out your contacts and try to get to your destination that way!

Thankfully, replacing wiper blades is easy and inexpensive, and figuring out when it’s time to make the change isn’t difficult, even for the most inexperienced car owner.

You could get new wipers when…

It’s Been 6 Months to a Year
That’s about the lifespan of a pair of wiper blades, so if you know you haven’t replaced them since this time last year, you could probably use new ones.

When The Metal or Squeegee Deteriorate
At the 6-month-mark, it’s a good idea to examine your wipers for any deterioration. That means rusting on the metal part and cracking or tearing along the blade. Run your fingers down the blade to make sure there isn’t any sap or other debris sticking to it — that can cause the wipers to skip or smear.

When You Notice Squeaking and Streaking
If the wipers start squeaking, it’s not just annoying, but a sign of wear and tear. You’ll also notice that older wipers leave streaks or might skip places on the windshield which compromises your visibility in rain, sleet and snow.

When You Just Can’t See Anymore
If you’ve missed the other warning signs, you’ll know you need to change your wipers when the snow is coming down and the wipers aren’t clearing your line of sight, but at that point — it might be too late!

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