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Summertime means BBQs and beaches, but it also means rising temperatures and cranked up car air conditioners. Did you know that can cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat?

If your temperature gauge starts climbing, don’t panic! Instead, take these steps to cool your car off:

  • Turn off the AC: We know, it’s no fun! Especially on a hot, muggy day. But if your AC is causing your engine to run too hot, turning it off is the first step to cooling down your car. Open all the windows and let the breeze do it’s best.
  • Turn on the heat: Have we lost it? I’m afraid not. Believe it or not, heating up the inside of the car pulls heat away from the engine, cooling it down.
  • Rev the engine, and lay off the brakes: If you’re stuck in Cape traffic, put your vehicle in neutral and rev the engine. This speeds up the water pump and radiator fan, which in turn cools the engine. Keeping your brakes engaged, on the other hand, does the complete opposite, so try to keep your distance from other cars and reduce your need to keep the brake pedal down.

What if that doesn’t work?

If you find that your car engine keeps overheating, or that the above measures don’t alleviate the problem, you might have more going on.

Pull over in a safe area as soon as possible, open the hood and get back! Don’t try to fiddle with anything until the engine is entirely cooled, or you risk getting major burns from the pressure of the water and coolant mix pressurized in the radiator.

Once cooled, it’s time to bring your car into Cape Auto for an evaluation. If there’s a larger issue, we can help diagnose and repair the problem and get you back to your summer fun!

Remember, You’re driving home our reputation!