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At Cape Auto, we are celebrating the summer with a special deal from now through August 31: Get a $15 – $25 Prepaid Visa Card with a qualifying purchase of a NAPA battery, alternator or starter.

Your vehicle’s packed with sunscreen, beach balls and towels, but is it ready to make the drive?

Of course you know you need a car battery (come in to Cape Auto get yours tested!), but have you thought about the life of your alternator? It’s what keeps your car going after the battery turns it on, so it’s no minor part!

Maybe your headlights have started pulsating, or you smell electrical burning, or your alternator warning light is on. Those are all signs you may need a new alternator.

Or perhaps your starter is finicky: Do you put in the key and hear…nothing? Does it take a few tries to get her up and running? It might be time for a new starter if the battery works fine.

Treat yourself to a summer filled with fun trips and no breakdowns: Come in for a brand new NAPA battery, alternator or starter today. Click here to download your coupon!

Remember: You’re driving home our reputation!