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You might know that part of good car maintenance includes changing your tires, but do you actually know when it’s time to get new ones? Right now Cape Auto is offering a $70 rebate card with the purchase of four qualifying Michelin Tires. So why not check your tires?

Here are three ways to figure out if it’s time to get a change:

  1. Check the manual. We know, manuals usually sit in your glove box and collect dust, but they have tons of very valuable information, including the manufacturer’s recommendation for how often to change your tires.
  2. Grab a penny! Stick a penny upside-down in your tire treads. If you can see Lincoln’s hair or the copper above his head, it’s time to come into Cape Auto Repairs and let us get you some new tires right away.
  3. Wear bars. Believe it or not, many tires include rubber bars that run across your tire width-wise. You might not notice them on new tires, but if the tread ever gets level with the bars, you need to replace those tires right away. Take a trip to Cape Auto, we can help! Learn more by watching this video…

So you need new tires? Save and print the coupon above and bring it into Cape Auto today.