4 Wheel Tire Alignment with Hunter Road Force Touch Balancing Equipment at Cape Auto Plymouth MA

When you think about your vehicle’s tires, you may focus on the warranty, the tread wear, and of course — how they look.

But have you thought about the importance of alignment?

If you hit a pothole, roll up on a curb or just drive a lot on bumpy roads, there’s a change your vehicle might be poorly aligned. And although it might not seem like a big deal, that misalignment can cost you big time.

It might lead to:

  • Uneven tire tread. If you’re tires are aligned, one may wear out before the others. Then you may have to replace all four tires earlier than you might have needed to otherwise because one or two of your tires wore out at record speed.
  • (Un)safety. Misalignments can cause your vehicle to pull one in one direction or another, which can compromise your control of the vehicle and lead to accidents.
  • Worse gas mileage. Everyone wants the best MPG, but uneven tire tread and drifting cause your vehicle to work harder to get where you are going. And that leaves you spending more at the pump every time you fill up!
  • Suspension breakdown: The harder your car is working, the more quickly all its systems — including the pricey suspension — break down. It’s a lot less expensive to keep your vehicle aligned than it is to need to replace the suspension components.

So, how often do you need an alignment? The recommendation is every 6,000 miles or every 6 months. The winter potholes may even shorten the time!

If think you may need an alignment, bring your vehicle to the Cape Auto Service Center at 53 Samoset Street (Exit 6) and prolong the life of your vehicle’s systems. Our computerized alignment equipment can smooth out your ride. You can download a $10 off coupon for your alignment here.

At Cape Auto we also have Hunter Road Force Touch Balancing equipment that analyzes your tire for proper computerized balancing that’s better and faster than a traditional wheel balance!

WE HAVE THE CODES and the new computerized high-tech equipment to analyze your vehicle’s ride, which will improve your driving experience — making it enjoyable again and protecting the investment you have in your tires!

Remember, You’re Driving Home Our Reputation!